"I am running for office because I wholeheartedly believe that health belongs in all policies. Just like policy, health is apart of everything we do in society. Health is in our personal homes, schools, workplaces, and all around our neighborhoods. It's simple to say that taking care of yourself includes the necessary measures to take care of your health and well-being whether that looks like eating healthy or going to see your primary care physician (if you have one as everyone does not have access to affordable and quality health coverage). However, we must acknowledge that our health and well being is also determined by our access to social and economic opportunities. Fixing our communities begins with bridging the health-equity gap in our neighborhoods, no matter the postal code."

-Kimberly-Ann Collinss

Promoting & Empowering fundamental strategies to address homelessness.

Healthy & adequate housing is an absolute fundamental human right. The lack of affordable housing is a public health issue. The importance of addressing homelessness and/or the lack of housing is crucial as the system continues to leave many families & individuals behind. There is a need to emphasize and advocate for policy change, protecting peoples human dignity, & fighting for the stop of criminalizing unhoused residents. Having policies in place that create sustainable housing programs are efforts that I support.

Crafting public policies and programs that aim to protect and improve the health of all people.

Every Missourian should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. It's difficult for many families to gain access to healthcare when they have to choose between using their last dollars to pay an Ameren bill or to pay a medical bill. I support the expansion of Medicaid to help Missourians, especially those with severe illnesses and disabilities, get the quality healthcare they need and very well deserve. I also support having an all-in-one health approach that frames all areas of policies to work cohesively with health sectors to provide the social and economic opportunities for better overall wellness.

Educational and crime prevention approaches that target change in community infrastructure and environments for economic 

Crime is a public health issue. There needs to be a strategic public health approach to address crime. Both exposure to non-violent and/or violent crime, can lead to disturbances of a person's mental and physical health. I support embracing a public health approach to address the underlying issue and root cause of crime; poverty. The mistreatment of workers not being able to make a livable wage, the lack of quality and affordable healthcare, education, and housing are all root causes of crime. I also support measures of criminal justice reform that heal our communities which are stuck in generational cycles of incarceration, resource deprivation, dilapidation, and hopelessness.  

Reducing racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system.

I support criminal justice reform as well as prison reform as we have a system that has proven to be inherently bias, discriminatory, and has resulted in many wrongful convictions,  while not dedicating the necessary and proper resources needed to assure that those who commit crimes can be held accountable along with a pathway for rehabilitation. I support a restorative model for individuals to be re-acclimated back into society productive citizens.


I support efforts of embracing and strengthening our St. Louis Public Schools. Each child deserves a quality education with increased efforts of supporting parent and guardian advocacy.  I have always and will continue to support measures for higher education and workforce development.